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FX Synth 002 by Good Time Tribe

May 31, 2009

Maelstrom is very full featured, so I used it again for this one. It’s another strange sci-fi fx sound that would work well in anything with a need for special fx, such as electronica, psytrance, house, trance, club, progressive rock, industrial, etc.
Click here to download sampleoftheday-gtt-fx-synth-002.wav


FX Synth 001 by Good Time Tribe

May 30, 2009

Playing around with Reason’s multitude of awesome synths, there’s a huge acoustic soundscape to pull wonderful nuggets from. I came up with the crazy liquid synth fx sound using Maelstrom. I used Audacity for post processing (minimal, mostly some compression)
Click here to download sampleoftheday-gtt-fx-synth-001.wav


Kick Drum 010 by Good Time Tribe

May 29, 2009

Here’s my newest kick drum. I’m planning on using this for a gabber track, and it would easily go well in any hardcore song with an edge, across rock, drum and bass, psytrance, or industrial. I created it by layering multiple kicks and snares, and then fiddling with the ADSR in Reason. Post processing and [...]


Noise Lead 002 by Good Time Tribe

May 28, 2009

Here’s another noisey lead. I expect this one to take some creativity to use, but it could go well in some industrial, progressive rock, nu metal, electronica, perhaps some drum and bass. I made this one again using Angular Momentum’s Trance Gizmo. I used the compressor and Audacity to trim it.


Deep Bass 002 by Good Time Tribe

May 27, 2009

This is another really deep sub bass that’ll go a long way. You can stretch it and filter it heavily to make it work in a variety of cases like house, trance, hip hop, electronica, dance, club, progressive rock, industrial and so forth. I made this using Trance Gizmo by Angular Momentum and then did [...]


Juno 60 sub os w/noise

May 26, 2009

Here are a few counts of a sustained Juno tone with the noise generator turned up slightly.
Click here for the file: 052609


epic 80s intro

May 25, 2009

This one was done with the Roland Juno 60; I manipulated the pitch fader a bit as the tone played out.
Click here for the file: 052509


Noise Lead 001 By Good Time Tribe

May 24, 2009

Here is another free audio sample for use in your music production studio. This is a crazy, noisey lead that you could use as a lead in most electronica music. I created this in Phadiz and also edited in Audacity.


Pads 004 by Good Time Tribe

May 23, 2009

Playing around a little more with Phadiz, I created this. I used Audacity to flip out the wah-wah phonics. This would probably work better in some industrial or ambient track than a rock or hip-hop, but you’ve got a lot to work with for creativity on this one.
Click here to download sampleoftheday-gtt-pads-004.wav


Pads 003 by Good Time Tribe

May 22, 2009

This is a ambient sounding short pad I created using the Phadiz VSTi. I enjoy the wide range of sounds you can get with phase distortion synthesis, and Phadiz totally stretches the limit. I did some post processing using Audacity as usual and think this sound can go well in a wide range of tracks [...]