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Pads 008 by Good Time Tribe

March 15, 2010

More pads from a VSTi. Be sure to play with special effects like wah wah and adjust the LFO, resonance, and wetness to really explore the palette. Here’s a sample of what you can accomplish with free software like Audacity.


Pads 007 by Good Time Tribe

March 14, 2010

I worked up some pads that would add some texture to a diverse range of tracks. These were created using a VSTi, recorded using VSTHost, and then effects applied in Audacity. Experimenting with sound effects is an excellent music production tip.


Bassline 010 by Good Time Tribe

September 21, 2009

This is another bassline using the RPG-8 and Thor in Reason.
Additional editing for bass boost was done in Audacity
Click here to download sampleoftheday-gtt-bassline-010.wav


Bassline 009 by Good Time Tribe

September 20, 2009

This is a similar bassline also created using Reason’s Thor. I did some touch bass boost in Audacity.
Click here to download sampleoftheday-gtt-bassline-009.wav


Bassline 007 by Good Time Tribe

September 13, 2009

Today I played around with a bassline sound. I created this in Reason using Maelstrom Graintable Synthesizer.


Bassline 005 by Good Time Tribe

September 2, 2009

I have really been enjoying Reason and the RPG-8 paired with Maelstrom. This time I stacked on the compressor to really round out this deep jungle bass.
Click here to download sampleoftheday-gtt-bassline-005.wav


Bassline 004 by Good Time Tribe

September 1, 2009

This is an interesting little bit of a tidbit for a bassline I created using Reason and editing in audacity. It’s an arpeggiated bassline i passed through RPG-8.
Click here to download sampleoftheday-gtt-bassline-004.wav


Bass 014 by Good Time Tribe

July 23, 2009

I created this punchy bass using a freeware VSTi. It’s rich and more complicated than your average monophonic bass synthesizer. As usual, I edited it in Audacity and it’s shared using a Creative Commons license and free for use in your music studio.
Click here to download sampleoftheday-gtt-bass-014.wav


Bass 013 by Good Time Tribe

July 22, 2009

This kind of sounds like a more modern TB-303.
Click here to download sampleoftheday-gtt-bass-013.wav


Warble Bass 001 by Good Time Tribe

June 20, 2009

txfm740’s recent Juno sample gave me a good idea. I was able to pull out a segment, eq out the high end, slow it down, boost the bass, fade in the beginning for a short split second and fade out the end for a long tail in Audacity, and I came up with this really [...]