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Pads 011 by Good Time Tribe

March 18, 2010

More pads created using a VSTi. More effects in Audacity.
I need a MIDI controller, that would really make things easier. If you use my samples please consider donating or sharing the link with a friend.
Thanks to all of our visitors from across the globe and from all of the social networks. Please let me know [...]


Pads 010 by Good Time Tribe

March 17, 2010

I created some more pads using a VSTi and then warped them in Audacity. Here’s today’s free sample.
Click here to download sampleoftheday-gtt-pads-010.wav


Pads 008 by Good Time Tribe

March 15, 2010

More pads from a VSTi. Be sure to play with special effects like wah wah and adjust the LFO, resonance, and wetness to really explore the palette. Here’s a sample of what you can accomplish with free software like Audacity.


Pads 007 by Good Time Tribe

March 14, 2010

I worked up some pads that would add some texture to a diverse range of tracks. These were created using a VSTi, recorded using VSTHost, and then effects applied in Audacity. Experimenting with sound effects is an excellent music production tip.


Pads 006 by Good Time Tribe

September 15, 2009

This is a deep bass pad I created using Reason’s Maelstrom Graintable Synthesizer.
Click here to download sampleoftheday-gtt-pads-006.wav


Pads 005 by Good Time Tribe

August 11, 2009

I created these pads using an VSTi based software FM synthesizer. I did some touch up work using Sound Forge this time.
Click here to download sampleoftheday-gtt-pads-005.wav


Pads 004 by Good Time Tribe

May 23, 2009

Playing around a little more with Phadiz, I created this. I used Audacity to flip out the wah-wah phonics. This would probably work better in some industrial or ambient track than a rock or hip-hop, but you’ve got a lot to work with for creativity on this one.
Click here to download sampleoftheday-gtt-pads-004.wav


Pads 003 by Good Time Tribe

May 22, 2009

This is a ambient sounding short pad I created using the Phadiz VSTi. I enjoy the wide range of sounds you can get with phase distortion synthesis, and Phadiz totally stretches the limit. I did some post processing using Audacity as usual and think this sound can go well in a wide range of tracks [...]


Pads 002 by Good Time Tribe

May 17, 2009

I’m playing around with pads because they can be used to help create a particular mood in a song. I made this one again using Hades XT by B. Serrano. This one is quite different from most of my other posts. It is obviously much longer in duration, at almost 50 seconds and 8megs. It [...]


Pads 001 by Good Time Tribe

May 16, 2009

Pads are always a complex issue, and they can really add a special sound to a great hip hop song or be used to inspire a new wave feel. They also go great with modern rock and electronica. I used another VSTi, called Hades XT to produce this sweeping pad. You’ll notice it’s already loop-ready [...]