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Octave soft synth (vsti)

October 18, 2009

I used the VSTHost application to approximate the capabilities of the Octave instrument.


more Octave Cat emulation

October 17, 2009



back from the dead

October 16, 2009

This is a VST approximation of the Octave “the cat” synth; I hope it does justice.


sustained C note on VST machine

July 31, 2009

I used the OdoSynths B-Station plugin for this one; I used square, sine, and sawtooth in this sample. I definitely recommend this virtual instrument. I used VSThost again, and Audacity was used to cut the sample from a session; there was no other signal processing.
click here for the sample:sotd073109


vid game

July 30, 2009

This one reminds me of an 80’s era video game. I recorded it from the b-station vst plugin.
click here for the sample: 073009


rhythm track

July 29, 2009

This was made with VSThost and the a-pad dll file.

click here for the file: sod073009


analog to digital Juno-60 recording

July 28, 2009

This one was cut from a longer session, but I let the instrument resonate a few times in the sample. I used the Audacity noise removal tool which changes the integrity of the original signal…
click here for the file: sotd072809


Octave Cat VST plugin

July 27, 2009

This freeware plugin by miniSoftmusic is called “Modcat”. It is based on the classic Octave Cat synth. It’s definitely worth checking out; the gui is laid out pretty much just like the instrument. I used VSTHost for the plugin then I cut it out of a longer session, but there was no [...]


First VST attempt

July 24, 2009

Today Goodtimetribe introduced me to the ease and flexibility of using VST and plugins. This freeware plugin from Odosynths does not appear to emulate anything that was commercially produced. The sample has three distinct elements; the last is my favorite.
I used Audacity to cut out this piece.
Click here for the sample: sotd090730


variable rate LFO II

July 21, 2009

I didn’t take notes this time, but I do recall adjusting the LFO rate.
click here for the file: sod072109